Line Preamplifier

The Bellini Anniversary preamplifier, designed in the Airtech laboratories, proposes another of historic Audio Analogue products. The only thing in common between this new model and the previous versions of the Bellini remains only in the name, while the project and the technical solutions used are completely new.

These include the power stage designed using inductive-capacitive filtering to minimize power disturbances. The inductance of the filter has been designed and manufactured specifically for this device. The amplifier stage, called segesta (Single Gain Stage Transconductance Amplifier), has been designed to make the preamp even quieter while maintaining the structure completely balanced and with zero global feedback.

The circuit has 4 layers and the placement of the components has been carefully thought to avoid intersections between the input and output signals and above between the digital control signals and the sensitive analog signals. The framework is completed by the use of high-quality components and internal wiring made with 7N OCC pure copper cables. Bellini Anniversary is available in silver or black, it is equipped with a solid aluminum remote control and Airtech power cord.

Designed and built to be an even quieter preamplifier while keeping the structure completely balanced and with zero global feedback

Inductive power supply to reduce any kind of noise from the AC network to the line stage, zero global feedback from input to output, fully differential circuit (Differential input and differential output) with discrete components dual-mono configuration, digital volume control without operational amplifiers and with four selectable volume scales, relay input switches to minimize non-linearities, oversized military resistors to minimize thermal distortion, "Audiograde" capacitors made under Airtech specification, microcontroller management, internal wiring and Airtech power supply cable, gold-plated input and output connectors.

RCA inputs
XLR inputs
RCA outputs
XLR outputs
Input impedance
RCA outputs gain
XLR outputs gain
Frequency response
(0.5dB di attenuation)
RCA outputs noise
(Bandwidth 0 Hz – 8kHz)
RCA outputs noise
(Bandwidth 0 Hz – 8kHz) - A weighted
XLR outputs noise
(Bandwidth 0 Hz – 8kHz)
XLR outputs noise
(Bandwidth 0 Hz – 8kHz) - A weighted
(0dB/A weighted/ref. 2Vrms) - RCA output
(0dB/A weighted/ref. 2Vrms) - XLR output
Stand-by power consumption
140x450x380 mm
12 Kg