Phono preamplifier

The Audio Analogue AAPHONO phono preamp is part of the PureAA line. As well as the AAcento amplifier, it is a product that fully follows the Audio Analogue philosophy: simple design, top performance, great care in the finishes and choice of materials and components and a remarkable ease of use, make this device a perfect companion for turntables and cartridges of any kind and quality level, giving you the opportunity to listen in the best way to your beloved vinyls.

Simple design, top performance, great care in the finishes and choice of materials and components and a remarkable ease of use

AAphono has been developed starting from a configuration with two op amps that allows to divide the total gain between the two amplifiers in order to have a more precise response to the RIAA. A great effort has been made to obtain a good result in this parameter using high quality and low tolerance components used in parallel to minimize errors. In order to eliminate any undulation of the disc, a selectable subsonic filter is added between the first and the second amplifier to prevent that large oscillations at low frequency saturate the gain stages. An offset recovery on the last stage and multiple stages of power supply filtering complete the scheme. Three separate toroidal transformers were used to power the control section, the right analog and the left analog sections while keeping grounds well separated. All passive and active components have been selected for their quality. The capacitors that deal with the equalization of the RIAA curve are all low tolerance plastics capacitors. The versatility of use of the AAphono has also been particularly taken care of. For MM cartridges it is possible to set the capacity and the input resistance while for MC it is possible to set the input resistance. These calibrations can be done simply by pressing the corresponding button under the unit, immediately behind the front panel, without having to disassemble the appliance or set dozens of switches. The selected configuration will be maintained even if the unit is disconnected from the mains. Available in natural aluminium or black satin finish.

MM gain
MC gain
Frequency responce
10Hz - 20KHz
Standby power consumption
87x220x372 mm
5.8 Kg