The brand


A brand, but above all a signature

Airtech birth

Airtech is a brand created by Claudio Bertini (co-founder of Audio Analogue) in 2013 and is part of the brand portfolio related to AF Group SRL.

Claudio has always given the imprint to the sound of Audio Analogue and his goal with Airtech is to create a signature to be used on different types of high-end products. The products currently available are the excellent completely handmade cables and the new hybrid speakers, but soon there will also be electronics. The aim of Airtech is to offer high quality products using the best technologies and a selection of some of the best components available on the market.

Since 2015, Airtech is also a design laboratory where, in the future, the products with the brand Airtech will be created and the products of the Anniversary line of Audio Analogue were born and assembled together with all those products that for technological solutions can boast of this brand. In short, Airtech is a signature, a brand of and for special products comparable to other brands that even in other working areas deal with products of excellence or special series.

Airtech 2
Airtech 3

Airtech stands for uncompromising quality, continuous search for the best possible performance based on unique design solutions and selected components.

A combination that often allows us to achieve results that go beyond expectations and this is a great incentive to keep elevating our goals.