D/A converter

AAdac fa parte della linea PureAA proprio come AAcento e AAphono. E' un prodotto che si adatta perfettamente alla filosofia Audio Analogue: il suo design semplice, le sue straordinarie prestazioni sonore e la sua grande cura per la finitura e per la scelta dei materiali e delle parti, lo rendono un partner perfetto per le tue sorgenti digitali. AAdac is part of the PureAA line just like AAcento and AAphono. It is a product that perfectly fits the Audio Analogue philosophy: its simple design, its extraordinary sound performance and its great care for the finish and the choice of materials and parts, make it a perfect partner for your digital sources.

AAdac has a wide variety of functions and entering the settings you can adjust the intensity of the LEDs, change the channel balance, select one of 7 different digital filters and set it in preamp mode.

Simple design, outstanding sound performance and great care for the finish and choice of materials and parts

High performance D/A converter up to 32bit/768Khz using Sabre ES9038. Amanero USB converter up to 32bit/384khz. Native DSD up to 512. 7 different digital filters.

SPDIF, Toslink, AES/EBU digital inputs. High quality Bluetooth aptX® audio wireless input (optional). Separate boards for each stage. Separate power supplies dedicated to digital and analog sections.

Fully balanced output stage with audiograde discrete components to perfectly support ultra-low noise and very low distortion digital stage.

Drivers to use AAdac connected to a Windows PC can be downloaded at the following link: http://amanero.com/drivers.htm No MAC driver is required. On request it can be supplied with SW compatible with Linux based devices.

Equipped with a solid aluminum remote control, it is available in natural aluminum or satin black.

Output level
2.9 µV (22 Hz ÷ 20 kHz )
Output level(a weighted)
2.1 µV
Balanced output voltage
3.35 VRMS
Unbalanced output voltage
3.35 VRMS
Dynamic range(A weight)
124 dB
(1dB, 1kHz, FS = 48 kHz)
-108 dB
17.65 BIT
Standby power consumption
100x220x390 mm
5.5 Kg