The Brand

Audio Analogue

Continuous evolution

From the first Puccini to ABsolute: a path in continuous crescendo

Our work over the years has had an evolutionary process that has led constantly to raise the quality of products, always directing our catalog to a higher level.

Audio analogue
Audio analogue 2
Audio analogue 3

Our growth over the years has taken place in all directions: increasingly precious materials, more and more precision machining, selected components, reliability and performance constantly increased over time.

All this keeping constant another of the parameters that for us has always been a trump card: the very high quality/price ratio that also allows us to preserve the value of our products over time..

Audio analogue 4


Made in Italy

Our products can always boast of the brand "Made in Italy" because designed and handmade in Italy.

The know-how acquired over the years and the careful choice of local suppliers allows us to keep the quality of our products constant and to be able to keep under control all the steps of production to ensure always an excellent result.

The final assembly as well as all tests are performed at our headquarters and thanks to this we can afford to give for our products up to 5 years warranty as well as we always prefer to take care directly at our headquarters all the assistance is for products in guarantee that for products also very old: assistance and repairs, have always been a great school that allows us to understand what may be the weaknesses of an electronic device and can then regulate on current production and models to come.