Power amplifier

The Donizetti Anniversary power amplifier, designed by Airtech laboratories, proposes another of the historic products of Audio Analogue. It’s a high power stereo power amp: with its 250W on 8Ω that double by halving the impedance is able to drive perfectly any speaker.

The amplifier has completely dual-mono configuration starting from the two toroidal transformers of 1200 VA each, specifically designed to have very low lost flow. It uses our SeGeSTA configuration (Single Gain Stage Transconductance Amplifier) followed by a group of four transistors to provide all the necessary current without affecting the performance of the gain stage.

The amplifier makes no use of global feedback. The 4-layer printed circuit board has been designed so that the input signal never crosses the output signal and that the amplification stages are as far away as possible from the power transformers. All the components are of the highest level: military standards resistors, Airtech plastic capacitors, wiring connections made of 7N OCC pure copper and gold plated pure copper output connectors.

Donizetti Anniversary can also be used in mono bridge configuration, thus achieving even more extreme performance and an output power that reaches over 1000W on 8ohm impedance.

With its 250W on 8Ω that double by halving the impedance is able to perfectly drive any speaker

Zero Feedback circuit, all fully balanced stages, dual-mono and discrete component configuration, power stage with 12 bipolar transistors per channel, 56000µF filter capacity per channel, Oversized military resistors to minimize thermal distortion, "audiograde" capacitors on Airtech specifications, microcontroller management. Available in natural aluminium and satin black.

Number of channels
RCA inputs
XLR inputs
Input impedance
Power on 8Ω load
250W(1000W mono)
Power on 4Ω load
500W(1700W mono)
Power on 2Ω load
950W(2200W mono)
Power stage gain
Frequency response
Output resistance
(nominal power on 8Ω at 1khz)
Input noise
Input noise
(0Hz-80kHz) - A weighted
Standby power consumption
221x450x428 mm
41.2 Kg