Airtech continues its path in the design and production of reference High-End products with the introduction of a hybrid speaker that combines magnetoplanar and dynamic technologies. The basis of this philosophy is the choice of neodymium as a magnetic element, which together with the precision applied to the installation and draw of the mylar, are fundamental for the success in efficiency and dynamics of the speaker itself.

Each welding, component and connection has been tought and designed respecting all the experience gained by Airtech using the best materials available on the market such as connecting cables and proprietary tin made under Airtech specifications. The frame represents years of research on the system of dynamic decoupling giving an exciting light/dark sonic experience. Technically the entire frame is machined from solid aluminum while the screws use 100% marina stainless steel. Finally, we decided to combine a traditional 165mm driver to have a deep but at the same time fast bass, without neglecting the phase problems that on average afflict hybrid speakers.

All these solutions make the new Airtech ATS01, as well as a speaker unique in the world, a true reference for technology and performance, both with regard to the niche of hybrid speakers, but also talking about the world of high-end speakers in general.

2.5 ways speaker composed of Airtech magnetoplanar tweeter and mid-woofer with dipolar emission and sub-woofer with 165mm Morel driver loaded in bass-reflex. Internal structure and SW case in MDF, external structure and X-over cabinet in solid aluminum, 7N OCC Airtech pure copper wiring, X-over made of very high quality audiograde components, gold plated pure copper output connectors. Semi-spherical feet adjustable in height made of stainless steel. Available with standard black and silver anodized finish or with custom colors on request.

Frequency of woofer crossover
Power handling
oltre 200W rms
Minimum recommended power
44x31.3x143 cm
(single speakers)