ABsolute Designed by AIRTECH

Absolute. Pensato,
Progettato & Realizzato
a Mano in Italia

Audio Analogue ABsolute

Audio Analogue e AIRTECH

Sound Pleasure

Products always Made in Italy, in the heart, soul and substance, designed and made entirely in Italy by small industries and skilled craftsmen to make the most of Italian excellence and grow the quality of our and their work.

Entirely handmade, tested with reference instrumentation, but also and above all with listening tests, always finding the emotion of having created something that can give in exchange emotions through listening to your favorite music.

Music is a wonderful world that accompanies the phases of our life: it gives us emotions, makes us cry or laugh, makes us remember and above all helps us to live, it is the most abstract artistic form but also the most easy and immediate understanding.

Per gli audiofili più esigenti


High quality raw materials, essential to achieve superior performance and reliability. Essential audiograde components to ensure sound quality and optimized to provide flawless audio playback.

Great care to design to ensure a sober and elegant look that can be placed in any environment and meet the needs of ergonomics and aesthetics of any user. The goal of these principles is to offer a high quality product with superior performance, attractive aesthetics and durability.

Audio Analogue e AIRTECH

Tecnologia e Design


Un nuovo modo
di ascoltare
la musica

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