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Amplificateur integre PRIMO CENTO VT / PRIMO CENTO REV2.0
Le Primo Cento Rev2.0 était un amplificateur intégré unique sur le marché. Grâce à la fluidité de ses formes, le Primo Cento VT pouvait s’intégrer sans problème dans tout environnement, tout en délivrant une sonorité d’une superbe chaleur et une belle réserve de puissance grâce à sa technologie à Tube.
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Description technique
The special tone it produces is particularly due to the vacuum tube technology used in the preamplifier stage, which is the first stage the signal meets just after the input signal selector. The power stage is based on the LM3886 power integrated component (used also by The Jeff Rowland Design Group in its Concentra Integrated Amplifier...) configured as a "bridge circuit" with two LM3886 components for each channel. How is possible to have 100W from such a small AB class integrated amplifier? No, we haven't invented the “perpetual engine” don't expect to have 100W on a 8Ohm load and 200W on a 4Ohm load, with these space dimensions with a Class AB power stage it is physically impossible. It is not the goal we wanted to reach! If you are looking for a product able to give you the original and magic sound that only the vacuum tube technology can have, a product with small sizes and able to deliver 100W on 8Ohm load and able to comfortably manage the most demanding load then the Primo Cento VT REV2.0 is suited perfectly to you!
Specifications techniques
Impedance d’entree
245 KOhm
Impedance de l’entree phono MM
56 KOhm
Impedance de l’entree phono MC
100 Ohm
Puissance sous 8 Ohm
Gain de ligne
12 dB
Gain de l’etage d’amplification de puissance
26 dB
Reponse en frequence (atten. 0dB, Banda a -3dB)
> 100 KHz
Bruit en entree (bande de 0Hz a 80KHz, pondere A)
-110 dB
Rapport signal/bruit
95 dB
75 x 210 x 400 mm
9,5 Kg
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