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Amplificateur de puissance DONIZETTI CENTO / DONIZETTI CENTO REV2.0
Amplificateur de puissance bénéficiant d’une architecture dual-mono.
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Description technique
The circuitry of the power amp consists of three stages with double symetrical differential pair cascode-loaded with local feedback, cascode gain stage with local feedback and Vbe multiplier, output darlington with two pairs of output transistor per channel. It also has a global feedback loop and a overload protection circuit, which senses current and voltage as well, with dynamic response to transients. Even the start-up delay circuit is made with discrete components. The trigger input on the rear panel allows for the unit’s operation and switch-off using the connected preamplifier, as an altenative to the usual mains switch on the front panel. This feature makes the Donizetti CENTO REV2.0 a very flexible and easy-to- use equipment. The trigger output, also on the rear panel, allows to operate every other equipment provided with a trigger input via the Donizetti CENTO REV2.0. The new Donizetti CENTO REV2.0 dual-mono power amplifier preamplifier represents a quantum leap for Audio Analogue’s composers line, in sound quality, manufacturing and assembly perfection, look & style and performances, yet retaining the famous family look and ease of use. The elegant yet sober appearance of the Donizetti CENTO REV2.0 will allow for a discrete placement in every domestic environment, with both classic style or modern furniture. The amplifier is based upon high performance discrete components circuits, with separate circuits for each task on each channel. The Dual-mono power amplifier is provided with selectable balanced and single-ended inputs. Two switch on the rear panel allow for switching between balanced and single-ended for each channel. The balanced input has a fine circuit which provides for universal interfacing.
Specifications techniques
Impedance d’entree
22 KOhm
Impedance de l’entree symetrique
> 30 KOhm
Puissance sous 8 Ohm
100W / 8Ohm p.c.
Puissance sous 4Ω
190W / 4Ohm p.c.
Gain de l’etage d’amplification de puissance
26 dB
Reponse en frequence (atten. 0dB, Banda a -3dB)
> 100 KHz
Bruit en entree (bande de 0Hz a 80KHz, pondere A)
-100 dBV
Rapport signal/bruit
110 dB
115 x 445 x 400 mm
16.5 Kg
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