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The first result of our philosophy is the Puccini integrated amplifier. Considered by many as a reference in its class, it is now joined by the Puccini Special Edition.
While maintaining the same transparent and refined sound, the same musicality, Puccini Special Edition dramatically increases drive, punch and soundstage at the value that has become one of Audio Analogue's trademarks.

Select components, using 0.1% tolerance metal-film resistors in critical places, polypropylene and polystyrene capacitors (1% all play a decisive role in achieving superlative sonic performance and scenic reconstruction.
The two toroidal transformers (one for channel) totalling 300VA, 40,000μF of filter capacitance and no less than eight power transistors ensure a current reserve sufficient for peaks and transients and low efficiency speakers; totally individual power supplies for each channel right from mains (a quasi-dual-mono configuration) give excellent separation.
All connectors are gold-plated, from the RCA signal sockets to the robust speaker-output binding-posts: two per channel in order to ease bi-wiring connections to speakers that offer this facility.
An advanced microcontroller-based system manages all the preamp’s features (source, muting, volume control), also thanks to the new remote with elegant and massive brass enclosure.
The chassis with its 1 cm thick, satin black or silver aluminium-alloy faceplate together with two rounded, machined-aluminium solid knobs give the amplifier a very stylish, sober appearance, capable of blending well into any system. Contact your dealer for an audition today, and...

...Enjoy the Audio Analogue sound!