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Amplificateur integre VERDI CENTO SE
Le Verdi Cento SE représenta l’aboutissement de deux années de recherches intenses, durant lesquelles Audio Analogue a amélioré l’amplificateur intégré Verdi Cento.
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Description technique
The research, directed towards a perfect tuning of the unit, has concerned both the selection of the passive components (with special attention paid to the capacitors) and several inner wiring strategies. The implemented changes in such areas have permitted the unit to reach a higher level of audio performance. These improvements previously reserved for only a small group of audiophiles are now available to a wider public with the birth of the VERDI CENTO Integrated Amplifier SE.
Specifications techniques
Impedance d’entree
40 KOhm
Impedance de l’entree phono MM
56 KOhm
Impedance de l’entree phono MC
100 Ohm
Puissance sous 8 Ohm
Puissance sous 4Ω
Gain de ligne
4,6 dB
Gain de l’etage d’amplification de puissance
32,5 dB
Reponse en frequence (atten. 0dB, Banda a -3dB)
150 KHz
Bruit en entree (bande de 0Hz a 80KHz, pondere A)
-100 dBV
Rapport signal/bruit
106.20 dB
103 x 448 x 405 mm
12,5 Kg
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