Fortissimo Integrated Amplifier
The Fortissimo is an integrated amplifier that we designed as an interface between the speakers and the largest number of audio systems ensuring the highest sound quality. Equipped with various inputs and functions, it makes flexibility and versatility one of its strengths, of course together with the undisputed sound quality further enhanced by the technical content and experience in the sound fine-tuning made by AIRTECH.
Available colors
Technical description
Analogic power supply with toroidal transformer and two separate power lines: 1. Power amplifiers. 2. Power circuit pre-stage circuits and low signal. Separate power supply for each channel. Four layers main board to minimize the length of the tracks and avoid any interference between the circuits. Input selectors solid-state low-noise. Volume controls of the highest quality, Low noise and low distortion preamp section. Power stage with thermal track. Integrated electronic protections against overload and overheating prevention calibrated on the music signal for minimal interference with the sound performance. Configurable output or Pre-out or Rec-out. Headphone output. SPDIF digital output by the selected digital input. Optical digital input at 16-24 bits and sampling rates up to 108KHz settable into ByPass mode. ByPass gain mode configurable in the range of +/- 10dB. Coaxial digital input 16-24 Bits and sample rates up to 108KHz settable into ByPass mode. ByPass gain mode configurable in the range of +/- 10dB. Low noise and low distortion, balanced input. USB connection for USBDAC up to 16Bits/48KHz. MM and MC phono stage with configurable input impedance and gain. Line input on the front. 3 stereo RCA inputs. 1 RCA stereo input configurable in BY Pass mode. ByPass gain mode configurable in the range of +/- 10dB. RecUsb output signal pre-amplified.
Technical features
Input impedance
Balanced Line input impedance
Phono MM input impedance
Phono MC input impedance
Power on 8Ω load
100W @ 0.015% THD + N
Power on 4Ω load
180W @ 0.3% THD + N
Signal chain gain
36 dB
Frequency Response(Att. 0dB, -3dB band)
120 KHz
Input Noise(Band limits 0Hz-80kHz/A-weighted)
< -110 dBV
> 100 dB
Trigger IN
117x445x390 mm
13 Kg
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