ARIA/ARIA REV2.0 Phono preamplifier
ARIA is the anagram of R.I.A.A. (it stands for Recording Industry Association of America). ARIA is also a declaration of our intent to give back the air and grace of true analog sound to the music.
Available colors
Technical description
Aria features a decoupled mains supply that, rather like a battery, supplies a continuously smooth and stable voltage. This is provided by linking separate banks of power supply capacitors in a double-reservoir system. When one bank of capacitors supplies power to the amplifier circuit and its capacitors run down, the other bank is linked to the transformer and its capacitors charge up. This means that the bank of capacitors that supplies power to the amplifier is never connected to the mains transformer, thereby ensuring that mains-borne noise or instability will never affect the delicate phono amplifying circuits. SPECIFICATIONS. Frequency response: 20-20000Hz +/- 0,5db MM Gain: 40db MC Gain: adjustable, from 60db to 73db MM impedence input: 47 Ohm+100pF (customizable) MC impedence input: 100Ohm+ 100 pF (customizable) Signal/Noise Ratio MC: 72dB @ 25.5 MC gain Signal/Noise Ratio MM: 76 dB Weight: Kg 2.570
Technical features
Output level
Frequency Response(Att. 0dB, -3dB band)
Input Noise(Band limits 0Hz-80kHz/A-weighted)
Standby power consumption(230VAC)
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