ABsolute... the essence of this integrated amplifier is perfectly revealed in its name. The most ambitious project of Audio Analogue after over 25 years of history and certainly the best way to celebrate such an important anniversary. A unique amplifier that gives the opportunity to enjoy the refinement of pure class A sound or the power of class AB simply touching a button. Audiograde components of the highest level and selected to optimize the performance of the amplifier in both modes of use. Massive shapes, which combine the cleanliness and elegance of the design to an extreme solidity, characterized by the heavy heatsinks machined from solid, which in addition to being unique pieces are a perfect example of the excellence of Made in Italy craftsmanship. Powerful, versatile, refined, extremely musical... all this is Absolute, an amplifier that creates a new reference in the world of high-end high-fidelity.
Available colors
Technical description
Zero Global feedback circuit designed by Airtech(SeGeSTA configuration) All stages fully balanced, dual-mono configuration and discrete components circuits Power stage with 12 bipolar transistors per channel, 81600?F filter capacity per channel Oversized military resistors to minimize thermal distortion Audiograde components, microcontroller management.
Technical features
RCA inputs
XLR inputs
Power on 8Ω load
50W(class A)/150W class AB
Power on 4Ω load
100W(class A)/300W class AB
Power on 2Ω load
200W(class A)/600W class AB
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